What a lovely tribute to pioneer dancer choreographer:

more about “Jose Limon 8-minute documentary“, posted with vodpod

Wikipedia has a good biography:
Jose Arcadio Limon was born January 12 in Culiacan, Mexicon. He was the first-born child with eleven siblings to follow. By 1915, the family moved to the United States; first to Tucson, Arizona, then to Los Angeles, California. After Graduating from Lincoln High School, Limon entered the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) as an art major. He moved to New York city in 1928 to study at the New York School of Design, still not a dancer. It was the following year when Limon saw a dance performance that inspired him. Harold Kreutzberg and Yvonne Gerogi’s performance was the epiphany that led Limon to dance. He said, “Suddenly, onto the stage, borne on the impetus of the heroic rhapsody, bounded an ineffable creature and his partner. Instantly and irrevocably, I was transformed. I knew with shocking suddenness that until then I had not been alive or, rather, that I had yet been unborn…now I did not want to remain on this earth unless I learned to do what this man was doing.”

Limon Dance Company, Institute + Foundation

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