Golly! I’m surprised that I haven’t posted this by now. Finally, a long week-end to help catch up with the mountain of project details…

I am very pleased to announce that as a co-founder of the dAdima SEEDs Program that our inaugural Summer Session has been launched. SEEDs represents Self-esteem, Empowerment, and Education through Dance, and is a mentoring program for young women that integrates programming that promotes self-discovery self-esteem and self-actualization through mentorship, and by teaching life skills to aid young women in attaining the skills necessary to achieve independence in all phases of their lives. Our mission is accomplished through the vehicle of dance, specifically Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) dance, talking circles, journal writing and presentations.

SEEDs The Summer Session is intended to be a two-week taste of what the overall year long after school program is designed as. The sessions begin July 12th and runs three days per week through the 24th at the Achieve Fitness Studios on Center Street, near downtown in Reno. It will be a quick course, but the youth will also have the opportunity to share their new experience and debut at Kami Liddle’s Hafla on the 30th for family and friends.

Here’s the image of the postcard that’s being distributed around town:

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