Hello Doves!

For this month only, I’ve added a side widget in the right-hand column as a voting method for my agency’s pilot Crisis Intervention Texting Program – Sorry, couldn’t get it sized appropriately, hence the scroll panes…

Our project is currently underway in a few selected communities statewide as we iron out details. It will be the first such program nationally to develop and integrate emerging technologies with social service interventions.

As a means of broadening our development, we’ve enrolled in the pepsi refresh project grants. The top ten highest ranked projects between now and May 31st will receive funding awards. We’re hoping for additional underwriting to assist us with this ambitious endeavor. So please spread it around.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a product endorsement, and I receive no personal gain.

You can read our project’s profile here, and how the award program works here.

* Create the Nations first Crisis intervention texting program

We want to create a software program where people can text into and have a texting conversation with our trained crisis line employees. This will help them get through Suicidal thoughts, report CPS, EPS, domestic violence, sexual assault and bullying cases and find information and support they need. By doing this we have created a service for the deaf and hard of hearing that has never been offered before. Teens and “generation Y” can text in their crisis by using technology to help save lives. This program is only being used in England and South Africa and will be the first texting program in the Nation. This program will help lead the way for other call centers around the country and could potentially save thousands of lives.

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