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José Limón

What a lovely tribute to pioneer dancer choreographer:

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Wikipedia has a good biography:
Jose Arcadio Limon was born January 12 in Culiacan, Mexicon. He was the first-born child with eleven siblings to follow. By 1915, the family moved to the United States; first to Tucson, Arizona, then to Los Angeles, California. After Graduating from Lincoln High School, Limon entered the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) as an art major. He moved to New York city in 1928 to study at the New York School of Design, still not a dancer. It was the following year when Limon saw a dance performance that inspired him. Harold Kreutzberg and Yvonne Gerogi’s performance was the epiphany that led Limon to dance. He said, “Suddenly, onto the stage, borne on the impetus of the heroic rhapsody, bounded an ineffable creature and his partner. Instantly and irrevocably, I was transformed. I knew with shocking suddenness that until then I had not been alive or, rather, that I had yet been unborn…now I did not want to remain on this earth unless I learned to do what this man was doing.”

Limon Dance Company, Institute + Foundation

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Yasmin Levy’s Ladino-Flamenco Fusion

Great music history lesson on World Music Blog: Ladino is the language of the Jews who lived in Spain for 1500 years until their expulsion in 1492 by Isabella and Ferdinand. After that traumatic separation, the Jews migrated to various areas, and the language incorporated words from countries all across the Ottoman Empire. Yasmin Levy’s father was a Sephardic Jew from Turkey, and Ladino was spoken by her parents. She learned to sing and loved the repertoire from an early age, but her incorporation of Flamenco into her interpretations has stirred controversy among purists. However, Yasmin is a charismatic and passionate advocate for the language and music, and feels that the best way she can help her beloved Ladino to survive is to make the songs more accessible.

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Quixotic : Lux Esalare | Promo Reel

Ever wish teleportation was real? I certainly do after happening on Quixotic while following threads of M’chelle deMars a few days ago and discovering what’s happenin’ in Kansas City.

Quixotic is an ensemble of musicians, dancers, aerialists, composers, designers, and choreographers collaborating to produce new forms of artistic expression. This inventive group of artists goes beyond the limits of any specific art form to create a total sensory experience for its audience. Quixotic makes performance art interactive and eliminates the barrier between performer and audience.

Quixotic was founded in Kansas City in 2004 by award-winning sound designer & visual artist Anthony Magliano and by award-winning dancer/choreographer Keelan Whitmore. Also excited to read about Sonya Tayeh’s working with the talents on their blog.

🙂 :: more videos at Vimeo.

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Kosmos Dance Camp

The warm summer days at Kosmos Camp are filled with music and dance. Our inspiring open-air venues host both Dancers and Musicians, as they learn and perform with authentic world-class professional teachers in a wide variety of styles from different cultures around the world. Kosmos is more than a camp; It’s a celebration where friends bond their passions and talents.

Dance Classes include:
West African
Bhangra and Bollywood
Modern Brazilian
Morrocan Berber
World Fusion
Salsa Rueda

Music Classes include:
Arabic Drumming
Flamenco Rhythms
West African Drumming
Persian Ensemble
Latin Percussion
Morrocan Ensemble

dAdima SEEDs – Summer 2010

Golly! I’m surprised that I haven’t posted this by now. Finally, a long week-end to help catch up with the mountain of project details…

I am very pleased to announce that as a co-founder of the dAdima SEEDs Program that our inaugural Summer Session has been launched. SEEDs represents Self-esteem, Empowerment, and Education through Dance, and is a mentoring program for young women that integrates programming that promotes self-discovery self-esteem and self-actualization through mentorship, and by teaching life skills to aid young women in attaining the skills necessary to achieve independence in all phases of their lives. Our mission is accomplished through the vehicle of dance, specifically Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) dance, talking circles, journal writing and presentations.

SEEDs The Summer Session is intended to be a two-week taste of what the overall year long after school program is designed as. The sessions begin July 12th and runs three days per week through the 24th at the Achieve Fitness Studios on Center Street, near downtown in Reno. It will be a quick course, but the youth will also have the opportunity to share their new experience and debut at Kami Liddle’s Hafla on the 30th for family and friends.

Here’s the image of the postcard that’s being distributed around town:

New Home for Reno Little Theatre

Stumbled upon the construction site while making a poster distribution drop-off rounds and am so happy to see the exterior painted!  Looking forward to its grand opening.

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Super Kolbasti

Via Wikipedia:

Kolbasti is a popular Turkish dance. It was originally created in the 1930s in the seaport of Trabzon on the Black Sea coast of north-eastern Turkey. Loosely translated, ‘kolbast?’ means ‘caught red-handed by the police.’ According to legend, the name comes from nightly police patrols of the city to round up drunks, who made up a song with the lyrics: ‘They came, they caught us, they beat us’ (in Turkish: ‘Geldiler, bastilar, vurdular’).

In the past few years this dance has grown very popular and is spreading in popularity outside the region. These days this dance is mostly used for weddings or by youngsters who like to show off and attract girls.

The origin of the dances are swinging and energetic or hyperactive movements (this is why this dance is really exciting). Once it’s started most people will get dragged into the dance and will start dancing until the music ends. Because the beats and the movements are fast and steady not all of them will know how to perform the dance properly unless they have had a lot of practice and maybe born or lived in Trabzon.

🙂 :: Belly Dancing Diva

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Handbalancing on Canes

Oldie, but a goodie. She is so impressive

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Music of
Bird of Prey
Auditory Canvas

Friday June 4th, 2010
Club Underground, 555 E 4th Street, Reno, NV
Presale – $10 | Door – $15 | 9PM | Must be 21+

Tickets available at the Melting Pot, Recycled Records, and

M’chelle DeMars – FusionFest Kansas City 2010

Just rediscovered M’chelle again.  I’ve been following her blog intermittently for a little while but recently ran across this video and was re-impressed with her skills.

The video’s resolution is not great quality, but her piece is beautiful.  Really like how fluid and strong her movements just melt together with the music, and I really appreciate her full presence on stage.

🙂 :: More M’chelle videos on her site:

New Class by Namira

New local beginning Bellydance & Zumba classes being taught by Namira in Carson City starting June 1st – W00t!

Call Namira for more info @ 530.318.2142

Here da deets from the flyer:

Beginning Zumba – Tuesday @ 4:30p
Zumba – Tuesday @ 5:30p
Beginning Bellydance – Tuesday @ 6:30p

Carson City Community Center
851 E Williams Street/ HWY 50
Carson City, NV 89701

WAKA WAKA: Let’s All Dance For 1GOAL

Join Shakira and sign your name for those who can’t – /// Únete a Shakira y baila por todos aquellos que no pueden –… — Upload your dance video as a comment to this video with just clicking on the comment box (on the right side of the box you will see ATTACH A VIDEO, click on this and follow the instructions)

Shakira’s “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)”  has been selected by FIFA as the official anthem of the World Cup in Johannesburg this year.

🙂 :: Dance Theater Workshop

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ou’ve no doubt read all the recent kerfuffle lately about Facebook and the backlash that is currently brewing.  Most of my friends use it, and I did sign up for about five minutes about two years ago.  Nope, not to me.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook, Diaspora is “the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network”.

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2010

2010 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

June 5 & 6 • 12 & 13 • 19 & 20 • 26 & 27, 2010
Saturdays at 2 pm & 8 pm; Sundays at 2 pm
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco

Special Festival Benefit Gala on Friday, June 11 at 6 pm

🙂 :: World Arts West

“Duel Nature” Art Installation

Downtown Reno will host a temporary home for sculptor artist Kate Raudenbush‘s “Duel Nature” at the corner of Sierra Street & Island Avenue as a feature of the upcoming Artown Festival. The large steel and mirror sculpture was previously exhibited at Burning Man in 2006, and is being brought back to Nevada through a collaboration of the Civic Art Program of the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the non-profit art organization of Burning Man, and The City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission’s grant program.

An Opening Celebration will take place on May 21, 2010 at the installation site at 5pm. The festivities will include appetizers and wine provided by the Sierra Arts Foundation Gallery; Hoola-Hoop Jam performances by bohohoops and Velocity Movement [BYOHs!]; and fire-spinning by Controlled Burn after dark.

The Season’s fun begins!

🙂 :: photo: Kate Raudenbush

Pogo: Gardyn

Sample musician Pogo is a 21 year-old musical genius from Perth, Australia whose music I’ve collected and enjoyed on for some time. Til now, his amazing compositions were garnered from classic movie vocal samples, such as Upular that I posted in December.Today, as a tribute to his Mum for Mother’s Day, using her voice and sounds from her garden he gives us Gardyn.

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2010 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive & Festival promotional video!

Join Las Vegas Septem­ber 9-12, 2010 for the largest bel­ly dance event in Neva­da! This year we are proud to be mov­ing to the historic Flamin­go Ho­tel & Casi­no and adding a new con­test and a track of class­es for drum­mers! Ad­di­tion­al­ly, we are ex­cit­ed to have more than 35 in­struc­tors including Princess Farhana, John Compton, Asharah, Fahtiem, Aradia of Las Vegas, and Moria Chappell of the Bellydance Superstars. It’s all the FUN you’ve grown to love: cocktail parties, shopping, shows, contests, live music, Elvis, festival performances, and more!!

🙂 :: Bellydance Intensive

Hugh Jackman – Lipton Ice Tea

Boy can move!

sharon eyal “Bill” (2010) Work in process for the BatShevaDanceCompany


Spurred by this shriek, the 21 dancers of the Batsheva Dance Company spring into action. They arch their backs, splay their hands, shoot their legs towards the ceiling, and vault high into the air. Amidst layers of throbbing rhythms, punctuated by more guttural cries and sharp claps, the dancers organize and reorganize themselves into constantly changing groupings. The ebb and flow of one large group’s rocking steps provides a mesmerizing baseline for a smaller ensemble’s shape shifting, which in turn sets off one man’s virtuosic, almost mechanical movement.


It is choreographer Sharon Eyal who has cast this spell, which goes by the name of Bill and is the Batsheva Dance Company’s newest production. Like Batsheva’s artistic director, Ohad Naharin, Eyal is currently celebrating her twenty-year anniversary with the company. She joined the troupe as a teenager and quickly captivated crowds while performing many memorable parts. Now offstage in the role of Batsheva’s house choreographer, Eyal is keeping the audience’s attention with her unique creations.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Boys Gone Bad – Bad Romance

University of Oregon’s all male a cappella ensemble “On the Rocks” sing Gaga’s Bad Romance.

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Dancers Among Us

Dancers Among Us is a collection of NYC dance photographs by Jordan Matter featuring members of the Paul Taylor, Mark Morris and Martha Graham Dance Companies. This is an ongoing project that began in the spring of 2009. His gallery page points out that “There were no trampolines or other devices used for these images, just thousands of hours of training!.”

🙂 :: Jordan Matter Photography

Crisis Call Center’s Challenge

Hello Doves!

For this month only, I’ve added a side widget in the right-hand column as a voting method for my agency’s pilot Crisis Intervention Texting Program – Sorry, couldn’t get it sized appropriately, hence the scroll panes…

Our project is currently underway in a few selected communities statewide as we iron out details. It will be the first such program nationally to develop and integrate emerging technologies with social service interventions.

As a means of broadening our development, we’ve enrolled in the pepsi refresh project grants. The top ten highest ranked projects between now and May 31st will receive funding awards. We’re hoping for additional underwriting to assist us with this ambitious endeavor. So please spread it around.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a product endorsement, and I receive no personal gain.

You can read our project’s profile here, and how the award program works here.

* Create the Nations first Crisis intervention texting program

We want to create a software program where people can text into and have a texting conversation with our trained crisis line employees. This will help them get through Suicidal thoughts, report CPS, EPS, domestic violence, sexual assault and bullying cases and find information and support they need. By doing this we have created a service for the deaf and hard of hearing that has never been offered before. Teens and “generation Y” can text in their crisis by using technology to help save lives. This program is only being used in England and South Africa and will be the first texting program in the Nation. This program will help lead the way for other call centers around the country and could potentially save thousands of lives.

Kristin Chenoweth sings “Home”

I’m catching episodes periodically on Hulu of Glee and I’m glad I didn’t miss this one. Kristin Chenoweth nails the Wiz’s “Home“!

🙂 :: the Joshua Blog

Beauty and the Brut

This year the Stephen Petronio Company celebrates its 25th Anniversary Season. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Petronio is widely regarded as one of the leading dance makers of his generation New music, visual art and fashion collide in his dances producing powerfully modern landscapes for the senses.

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His work is amazing! Celebration @ the Joyce Theatre