Vaslav Nijinsky‘s Birthday- March 12, 1888
Nijinsky is one of, if not the most, famous male dancers of the twentieth century.

“Nijinsky was born in Kiev, Russia, March 12, 1888, while his parents, dancers Eleonora Bereda and Foma Nijinsky were on tour. He entered the Imperial School in St. Petersburg in 1898, and upon graduation in 1907 became a soloist with the Maryinsky Theatre. During a vacation, Nijinsky went to Paris with Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and danced the leading roles in Le Pavillion d’Armida, and Les Sylphides with Pavlova in 1909. The next year he danced the golden slave in Scheherazade.  He continued to dance with the Diaghilev’s Ballets Russe after 1909, even though Anna Pavlova left. Although Vaslav danced with many great ballerinas he was most associated with Tamara Karsavina, with whom he danced in 1911 in one of the most famous ballets of the time, Le Spectre de la Rose.”


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