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7 Pavillons d’Amour

At the borders of dreams and reality, this Paris-based dancer and choreographer uses poetry, music, and dance to showcase the mythologies of Iran.  Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam: Gorgeous technique, and a gifted dancer.


Mr. Moshkin-Ghalam is a graduate in History of Art and Theater from the Universite’ of Paris 8, specialized in mystical dance, his work also takes root from Indian, Indonesian, and Flamenco influences.  In 1997 he founded the company Nakissa Dance Company, where he creates works in Persian.  Since January 2005 he has been an official member of the “Comédie Fançaise” playing with major international stage directors.

Born in Iran and emigrating to France, he trained in various forms of dance in his early teens. Beyond that, Google’s translation tools notwithstanding, and not being a Facebook user, I’m not finding much more information about his background, but he has toured the US and he hobbies in photography.

More examples of his work:
Sohrab and Gordafarid
Shir Ali Mardan – watched this one 8 15 times!

🙂 ::  H/t to  Kendesh for the lead.

Kami Liddle During Artown

Goodness to come:

Official Goddess Flash Mob – Universal City Walk

March is International Women’s Month.

🙂 From Dance Universe Blog:

“Flash Mob America hit Hollywood once again, but this time they teamed up with Tomiko Fraser’s Goddess Gathering in celebration of March being International Women’s Month! Females of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and physical abilities participated, uniting in an effort to promote women’s empowerment, sisterhood, and to shine a light on global issues that affect ALL women. A portion of the proceeds went to Women for Women International.”

Italy: PJ Dance Studio – Giorgio Lucca and Paolo Gualdi


🙂 :: PJ Dance Studio

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Arish Lam Workshops

I am leaving tomorrow for Santa Fe to catch Pomegranate Studio’s annual Spring Festival “Invaders of the Heart.” I will also be taking two workshops with Puerto Rico’s Arish Lam.

Don’t know too much about his work other than what I’ve seen on YouTube, but with workshop titles such as “Belly Salsa Combos” and “Fast and Forward,” how could it not be fun?

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🙂 :: Arish is the dancer with the smooth pate and plenty of stage presence.


I am one luck man.  What gentleman would not be surrounded by these lovelies?

Over the week-end Asha was scheduled to perform between sets with Contraband up in historic Virginia City and thanks to our Holly we booked some after-hour time at Silver Sadie’s Old Time Photos. We had such a good time and spent nearly two and half hours playing – Thank you Karla!!

It was bitter cold outside, but I think we made some new friends and had plenty of warmth from the band members and the crowd. A+!!

Local Color

This is a clip from a National Geographic special titled The Haunted West, depicting Gerlach in 1972.Gerlach, NV, about 107 miles north of Reno is the home to the Burning Man Festival each year.

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Masmoudi DC in Brighton

Masmoudi DC at the Evolution show last October. Love the music choice and the way the back line leader picks her cues from the two dancers. Very energetic.

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Take that how you will, you can’t deny their talent.

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If it gives you joy then you don’t have to explain it!

Pilobolus’ Shadowland on tour in Italy appeared on Zelig, an Italian entertainment program.

Asha @ the Underground

Finally ran across the group shot of us together at the Club Underground the night that Beats Antique rolled through town. I think this was taken just after all nine of us performed on that postage sized stage. I think we were smiling because we pulled it off. the crowd seemed to enjoy it!

Vaslav Nijinsky’s Birthday

Vaslav Nijinsky‘s Birthday- March 12, 1888
Nijinsky is one of, if not the most, famous male dancers of the twentieth century.

“Nijinsky was born in Kiev, Russia, March 12, 1888, while his parents, dancers Eleonora Bereda and Foma Nijinsky were on tour. He entered the Imperial School in St. Petersburg in 1898, and upon graduation in 1907 became a soloist with the Maryinsky Theatre. During a vacation, Nijinsky went to Paris with Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and danced the leading roles in Le Pavillion d’Armida, and Les Sylphides with Pavlova in 1909. The next year he danced the golden slave in Scheherazade.  He continued to dance with the Diaghilev’s Ballets Russe after 1909, even though Anna Pavlova left. Although Vaslav danced with many great ballerinas he was most associated with Tamara Karsavina, with whom he danced in 1911 in one of the most famous ballets of the time, Le Spectre de la Rose.”


Music: Juan De Lerida

You may or not be into Flamenco or Spanish guitar, but I just discovered Juan De Lerida. His latest album Quimeras is a fantastic listen. What’s your newest musical find?

Donna Mejía

Donna is truly sublime. Period. She’s a fucking amazing gracious and lovely human, glorious dancer, amazing instructor, choreographer – and brilliant scholar! I truly do not have adequate superlatives to convey my passion.

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Wow – In Nirvana right now! Donna literally kicks butt (every muscle in my body has that exquisite sweet-soreness from a thorough workout); from a 40 minute warm-up, to bodywork, and full out drills.

I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love.

Many thanks, and love devotion to Rachel, and to Rob of The Yoga Place for hosting a spectacular retreat!

Pilobolus: A performance merging dance and biology

The piece is called Symbiosis.  Wish I knew the identities of these two, they’re pure deliciousness!

🙂 :: Pilobolus

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The LXD – The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Last month I posted a video of these remarkable dancers that was removed by Dick Clark Productions. So here is a great TED highlight for your pleasure.

🙂 :: theLXD

Bahok – Akram Khan Company

Leaving for the a long week-end retreat tomorrow, so there won’t be much posting until I get back. Thought I’d leave you with this snippet of driving deliciousness:

Akram Khan Dance Company


🙂 :: Physical Response Dance Blog

Dancing Across Borders – Trailer

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Trailer for “Dancing Across Borders” an amazing looking documentary by Anne Bass given the glimpse seen here, that is scheduled to open in NYC theaters later this month.

“… Dancing Across Borders peeks behind the scenes into the world of dance and chronicles the intimate and triumphant story of a boy who was discovered, and who only much later discovered all that he had in himself.”

🙂 ::  They have a gorgeous site here.

Teenage Men Finding Dance?

Well, at least in the UK. So says Rupert Christiansen of the Telegraph today in a piece announcing the Talent tour – eight exceptionally talented young men of the Balletboyz making eleven public appearances around Britton.

Balletboyz, founded in 2001 by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, has made a dramatic mark on the British dance scene. It has thrilled audiences and dance critics alike with its exhilarating mix of award winning repertoire, performance style, and high artistic standards. Both Michael and William are former lead dancers with the Royal Ballet, and provided Ballet Magazine an interview back in 2001.

Here’s Christiansen’s post that I find mildly amusing:

The new recruits to ballet’s boot camp

It’s teenage boys, not girls, who are getting the ballet bug.

Ballet used to be the dream of little girls who had seen The Red Shoes and loved all things pink and pretty. Margot Fonteyn and Moira Shearer were their role models, and a diamante-sprinkled tutu and pointe shoes was their favourite outfit.

No longer: it’s now the case, confirmed by the statistics of examining bodies such as the Royal Academy of Dance, that girls tend to drop out of ballet class at about 11, and shimmying like Britney Spears becomes their ruling passion. Fewer and fewer female British teenagers are prepared to endure the military discipline of advanced ballet training – today’s stars largely come from Slavic and Hispanic cultures.

But there’s good news on the other side. More and more teenage boys think that dancing seriously, if not classically, is supercool. It’s not effete, it’s not wimpy. Michael Jackson, Carlos Acosta, Billy Elliot and a variety of highly athletic and energised contemporary idioms, usually encountered through music videos, get their testosterone going. The physicality and team spirit make dance something analogous to competitive sport, and schools are being canny about picking out nifty backflippers in the gym and nudging them into a dance class (often called something else).

The only problem is that lads tend to get the bug when they’re about 15, too late to put their musculature through the full ballet training which remains the best way to develop sound technique. The result is a generation of male dancers whose style is macho Gene Kelly, rather than elegant Fred Astaire.

Another formative influence on our young male dancers is the Balletboyz, otherwise known as Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, the former Royal Ballet stars who formed the group in 1999. Nunn and Trevitt are visibly and audibly regular guys. Married with children, they radiate a likeably lippy attitude and boast an impressive second string to their dancing as accomplished makers of dance films and documentaries. Even more importantly, primarily through their performance of Russell Maliphant’s enthralling duet Torsion, they have popularised the idea of men dancing with an intense physical intimacy that doesn’t automatically radiate homoerotic overtones.

Now that they’re turning 40, they have done a magnificent thing in handing the torch to an all-male company of eight dancers, aged 18-24, which will be touring Britain this month under the Balletboyz flag. The newcomers are at the beginning of their careers and come from a wide range of backgrounds.
Nunn and Trevitt emphasise the educational aspect of the plan. The newcomers are being groomed to perform at the highest level, working with top-class choreographers but also learning about ballet studio-etiquette and sensible care of their bodies. In a manner similar to Venezuela’s El Sistema, they will soon be passing this wisdom on by leading a programme of dance workshops in secondary schools.

This second generation of Balletboyz are living and rehearsing in hothouse Big Brother conditions at a dance centre in Hampshire. Some of them were bad lads or “rubbish” at school, but dance has focused their energies, given them self-control, purpose and joy. Their motivation to excel is high, and they seem to thrive on the relentless routine and discipline commanded by Nunn and Trevitt. “It doesn’t matter how much Mike and Billy shout at us,” one newcomer told me. “We still love them. The abuse they hurl at us is good abuse.”

The message might be: do put your son into ballet class, Mrs Worthington. But what can we do to lure your daughter back?”

🙂 :: Balletboyz Blog ::

“And Then There Was Salsa”

Ha! You absolutely must click through Here to get the full effect.

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Dance Diplomacy – DanceMotion USA

Dance as cultural ambassadors.

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🙂 :: DanceMotion USA