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Nothing Short of Worship

Almost beside myself in anticipation. By the end of the week, I’ll be in a Weekend Retreat with Donna Mejia!

From her website:

“Donna Mejia is a choreographer, lecturer, teacher, administrator, and performer specializing in contemporary dance, traditions of the Arab/African Diaspora, and new fusion traditions in world electronica. Donna is amongst a handful of artists authorized to instruct the Brazilian Silvestre Modern Dance Technique (an esoteric, codified system of contemporary dance technique).”

I posted video back in October, and since then a few more have been posted on her YouTube Channel. Cannot explain it completely, but having only encountered Donna through the digital medium, I’ve come to admire and respect this artist like I have never before. “Authenticity” comes to mind, but that only scratches the surface of what watching her perform evokes. There’s an earth honesty that flash for me whenever I see her energy move.

Add to that that she is the founder and director of the Sovereign Project:

“The Sovereign Collective: A Complete Re-Visioning of a Traditional Dance Company

“Sovereign” is a movement arts and social action collective pledged to elevate social consciousness toward a reverent connection to the human body. This project is an effort to mobilize concerned citizens around an issue that can seem too large for an individual to take on: sovereignty of the human body.

Transgressions against physical self-determination manifest across international, cultural, religious, political and economic lines in a multitude of practices: genital mutilation; legally sanctioned infantile marriages; elder abuse; sexual servitude; censorship of sexual information; slavery; honor killings; media-influenced distortions of body-image; domestic violence; military torture; inaccessibility to affordable healthcare; forced medical intervention or end of life management; etc.”

…and I am reduced to a puddle of awe.

DV8 Physical Theater

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DV8 Physical Theater: Mixing processes old-new, white-black, theater and dance, to explore language evolution through the medium of video dance. The results are very very interesting.

From Wikipedia: “Videodance is the contemporary term for the genre of dance made for the camera. In videodance, movement is the primary expressive element in the work rather than dialogue (as in conventional narrative movies) or music (as in music videos). Other names for this form are screendance, dance film, cinedance, and dance for camera.”

🙂 :: DV8 Physical Theater

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Dyad 1909 – Performance by Wayne McGregor; Music by Olafur Arnalds

I find the most amazing wonders over at Lomodeedee’s Personal Cyber Botanica, she’s got all the goods: Dyad 1909 (In The Spirit Of Diaghilev).

My favorite segment is the gorgeously poetic segment at 19:55. Hafta watch.

Lovely ATS Bellydance Duet

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Exquisite: Amelia (videodance)

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🙂 :: La La La Human Steps

Sound & Vision: David Byrne (on art, music, choreography and more)

David Byrne on making art.


Suss it & comment. I am so over provincialism.

James Thiérrée – Au Revoir Parapluie

Herding mice, my mood this evening…

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Tu2.0 Party Fun

Despite the surprise snowstorm, many folks turned out for the Tu2.0 Party at Amendment 21 replete with tutus.  Despite the snow and slush, hardcore CB-ers spun fire outdoors and dazzled the crowd.    a few of the hipSwitch crew got a chance to perform the Corvus Corax sword routine.  Lots of Fun!




“Majesty embraces the two young creatures with great tenderness; as do Queen and Serenities; and then all the world takes to embracing and congratulating; and so the betrothal is a finished thing.” —  <em>History of Friedrich II of Prussia</em>

Fellini’s Fashion Show

The following presentation of ecclesiastic fashion…

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Tonight’s Tutu – that’s Tu2.0 – party had me thinking costumes and Burning Man playawear. Fellini’s Roma just seemed appropriate for the day.

Green Eyes In Africa

Gina Hernandez’s Dance Unlimited will be performing Next Thursday, February 25, 2010, at Galena High School Theatre and will be showcasing all of their 2010 Competition Dances to help raise funds for Green Eyes in Africa. Show begins at 7pm, minimum $5.00 donation is suggested.

Green Eyes In Africa is an orphanage founded five years ago in Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa by brothers Patrick and Ryan Hansen of Sparks, NV.

Ryan, who is an alumnus of Dance Unlimited lives in Africa at the orphanage and runs the program on the ground, while brother Patrick operates the “business” side here from the US.

Both Patrick and Ryan will be on hand next week to raise money and to share their five-year journey much of which is documented on the blog at their website.

Here is a YouTube Video they published of the Nutcracker the children performed at their recent Christmas Feast:

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Hafla Photos

I’ll have more to say about the Hafla on Saturday, but in the meantime we’ve posted a few of the snapshots that were taken by our cohorts at the event. Had my camera with me, but only managed to grab three shots!

SO grateful that others were more reliable. Check out the slideshow at the dAdima SEEDs website.


Foreign Aid

One of my favorite newspapers ran a story today about how American and other foreign dancer/instructors are keeping – and paying to keep Oriental dance authentic. Sad really, but read it in full for the current cultural analysis, and catch the short video.

I know its become a tiny industry here for promoters to attract students to immersion studies abroad, but somehow it comes off as sketchy. What do you think?

Jiri and Otto Bubenicek

Presenting brothers Jiri and Otto.  Perfection.

Ballet will always be my first dance love. 1000 years old, and no technique left, I still love watching gifted dancers.

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The Big Picture

The Boston Globe has a feature on their online site called The Big Picture that I’ve been following for a while, as they share news stories in photographic format.  A 1000 words and all that…  Some of the captures are very beautiful and I particularly like the large sized images.  This is one of my favorites and it IS best seen large.

There are two Dance Galleries:

Dance Around the World I

Dance Around the World II

🙂 :: Original Image Source: (REUTERS/David Gray)

My Psoas, Your Psoas!

We all love our Iliopsoas!

Just found a really good article by Nichelle Strzepek over on the Dance Advantage blog titled “Introducing the Iliopsoas” that is well worth sharing. It’s not a very long article, and as we’ve been talking about this group of muscles in class, I thought it would be a good place to begin the search.

We spend a good portion of time in hip work and drills, and have added strengthening exercises of the Psoas for better technique and to avoid injuries.

Go read the whole piece at Dance Advantage, it will really help you understand why. She has a cute intro too!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Ema Compilado Lausanne 2010

18 year old Argenine boy, Cristian Emanuel Amuchastegui wins the ballet competition in Switzerland. 18! and an amazingly gifted dancer.

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🙂 :: Americablog


Don’t know who these folks are but the work is amazing!

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Love good tap! The UK’s Sky1 TV Televised Adam Garcia and his pal Chris in an amazing tap-off against a DJ’s spinning deck. Wowza!

🙂 :: Sky1 –


I’ve ordered a pair of Rosewood Castanets!

Img Source: Getty Images


This is simply beautiful. Love the music, bboys, and the amazing choreography.

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🙂 :: More info over at Physical Response

On Wings of Love

A Fundraiser for Wing and A Prayer Modern Dance Company

Flamenco at 5:15

This Oscar-winning film is a visual and emotional thriller. It is an impressionistic record of a flamenco dance class given to senior students of the National Ballet School of Canada by two great teachers from Spain, Susana and Antonio Robledo. The film shows the beautiful young North American dancers–inspired by the flamenco rhythms and mesmerized by Susana’s extraordinary energy–joyously merging with an ancient gypsy culture.