The island of Haiti was hit by a devastating 7.0 earthquake with an epicenter just 10 miles from the capitol of Port-au-Prince. I’m not sure of the exact toll, but am hearing that as many as 100 45 – 50,000 may be dead in a nation of less than 10 million. Cannot even fathom the numbers of injured. The earthquake was the worst natural disaster to affect Haiti in the last 200 years.

The motto on the Haitian flag “L’Union fait la force” means in “ in unity is strength” so many small donations as little as $1 would be a help to the organizations below:

“This is a time when we are reminded of the common humanity that we all share,” President Obama said recently. I made what small contributions I could to Yele and Dr’s Without Borders, and admit to shedding a tear that it couldn’t be more.

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Update: just watched two powerful segments by Rachel Maddow on the present state of affairs. Important info.

Update: okay, I blubbered like a fool and also gave a small doantion to Partners in Health.

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