Wing & A Prayer Dance CompanyTruckee Meadows Community College and the Bone on Bone Project, and the dance, theater and performance community unite in action to bring awareness to artists in need of health care and the work of Dance Artist, L. Martina Young.”

Bone on Bone is a coalition of artists using creativity to address the very human needs of health care. Bone on Bone has been inspired by the life and work of Dr. L. Martina Young. The name Bone on Bone came from the fact that Martina discovered that her hips were literally bone on bone.

Join us in supporting a beloved artist, scholar and healer Dr. L. Martina Young. Martina is in immediate need of bilateral total hip replacement; she is among the 47 million in this country without health insurance. The financial goal for this surgery is $75,000.00. We would like to continue this project in support of other artists once Martina’s needs are met.

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