Here’s a recent addition to the dance blogosphere: a resource dance movement database of bellydance vernacular. The site was just launched by Nayana and the SOUL studio {Strength of Unspoken Language} that I believe is located in Wisconsin somewhere though the very austere site is vague.

It is up and running, and you are invited to participate in its development:

“It is my goal, over time, this dictionary will include information on ALL formats. To help this resource grow/improve, contact me with the following:

  • * alternate movement name (to add to existing move and master list)
  • * new movement name and description (include name/website so I can credit you)
  • * description revisions (for existing moves)
  • * broken links

  • Thank you for your interest and continued support of this project to even further unite bellydancers and this amazing art form.

    Wiggles and giggles,


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