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Opre Roma: Gypsies in Canada

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This documentary celebrates the vibrant culture and tenacious struggle of the Canadian Gypsy and introduces a new generation of Roma who claim their roots with pride. They call themselves by their rightful name, the Roma.

The extreme oppression the Roma face worldwide is truly indefensible. This is a very remarkable glimpse into their North American culture.

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Beats Antique @ Lake Tahoe

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India – Journey to the land of mystery & wonder

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A seven million euro Indian spectacular wows German audiences with the Frankfurt world premier in December 2009. Some of my friends ADORE kali lines and precision arms, so the first half of the top video is for you [you know who you are] to enjoy.



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Arish Lam & Invaders of the Heart

Looks like I’ll be taking a little road-trip.

Hosted by our lovely Myra Krien’s Pomegranate Studios in conjunction with their Invaders of the Heart Festival, internationally renowned artist Arish Lam will be performing and conducting Latin rhythm/bellydance fusion workshops.

Dance to Inspire, Inspire to Dance

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Tu2.0 Party!

What: Tu2.0 Party!
When: Saturday Febrauary 20, 2010
Time: 8pm-?!?!

Where: Amendment 21

425 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89501

Cost: $10 pre-purchase or at the door with a Tutu, or $15 at the door with no costume or pre-purchase
Who: Controlled Burn!!
Website: This one is going to be EPIC…

There will be raffle prizes, tutu contest with three categories for prizes: Most Creative, Most Masculine, and “Greenest” Tutu (made of recycled material). Additionally, music by Auditory Canvas will be featured, as well as performances by BoHo Hoops, Controlled Burn, and hipSwitch bellydance. It promises to be a rockin’ good time!


Help for Haiti

The island of Haiti was hit by a devastating 7.0 earthquake with an epicenter just 10 miles from the capitol of Port-au-Prince. I’m not sure of the exact toll, but am hearing that as many as 100 45 – 50,000 may be dead in a nation of less than 10 million. Cannot even fathom the numbers of injured. The earthquake was the worst natural disaster to affect Haiti in the last 200 years.

The motto on the Haitian flag “L’Union fait la force” means in “ in unity is strength” so many small donations as little as $1 would be a help to the organizations below:

“This is a time when we are reminded of the common humanity that we all share,” President Obama said recently. I made what small contributions I could to Yele and Dr’s Without Borders, and admit to shedding a tear that it couldn’t be more.

Image src :

Update: just watched two powerful segments by Rachel Maddow on the present state of affairs. Important info.

Update: okay, I blubbered like a fool and also gave a small doantion to Partners in Health.

Not Off the Rack

Found this old vest at a thrift store recently and decided to make my own Turkmen style DIY. It was huge, so I started by taking the whole thing apart and redraft the pattern. It’s only begun, but I couldn’t wait to show it off as it seems I have full calendar and who knows how often I can get back to it.

$2 dollar vest, probably $4 for the bias ribbon, and gilt I got from Yasemin at Very cool.

OMG: Never underestimate an old gal

Well Shut my mouth!

Most of you know that I am forever bemoaning the view that I’m probably over-the-hill in terms of requiting my love for dance after decades of abnegation. But take a look at this woman! 81, if the posting info is correct. She’s simply amazing.

Watch the whole thing, the good stuff starts about 1:38!

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After reading the Don Baarns post “Am I Too Old To Dance?” and watching this beauty, I’ll just keep it to myself…

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Wade Robson – John Mayer/Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – Ben Susak & Pam Chu.

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Watched it five times. It’s a hauntingly beautiful piece. Raw.

Performing Community


Wing & A Prayer Dance CompanyTruckee Meadows Community College and the Bone on Bone Project, and the dance, theater and performance community unite in action to bring awareness to artists in need of health care and the work of Dance Artist, L. Martina Young.”

Bone on Bone is a coalition of artists using creativity to address the very human needs of health care. Bone on Bone has been inspired by the life and work of Dr. L. Martina Young. The name Bone on Bone came from the fact that Martina discovered that her hips were literally bone on bone.

Join us in supporting a beloved artist, scholar and healer Dr. L. Martina Young. Martina is in immediate need of bilateral total hip replacement; she is among the 47 million in this country without health insurance. The financial goal for this surgery is $75,000.00. We would like to continue this project in support of other artists once Martina’s needs are met.

Alvin Ailey

Yesterday would have been Alvin Ailey’s 79th Birthday. I just wanted to mark it.

Alvin Ailey born 5 January 1931 (d. 1989)

Alvin Ailey, Jr. was an African American modern dancer and choreographer who founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on 92nd Street in New York City.

Born into poverty in Rogers, Texas, Alvin Ailey moved to Los Angeles at the age of twelve and was introduced to dance by performances of the Katherine Dunham Dance Company and the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. His formal training in dance began with an introduction to Lester Horton’s classes by his friend, Carmen de Lavallade. It was with Horton, the founder of the first racially integrated dance company in the US, that Ailey embarked on his professional dance career. After Horton’s death in 1953, Ailey became the director of the Lester Horton Dance Theater and began to choreograph his own works.

In 1954, he and his friend Carmen de Lavallade were invited to New York to dance in the Broadway show, House of Flowers by Truman Capote. In New York, Ailey studied with many outstanding dance artists, including Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman and took acting classes with Stella Adler. The versatile Ailey won a number of acting roles, continued to choreograph and performed as a dancer.

In 1958, Ailey founded his own company, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Ailey had a vision of creating a company dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of the American modern dance heritage and the uniqueness of black cultural expression. In 1960, he choreographed Revelations, the classic masterpiece of American modern dance based on the religious heritage of his youth.

When Ailey began creating dance, he drew upon his ‘blood memories’ of Texas, the blues, spirituals, and gospel as inspiration. He concentrated on ballets that used blues, folk songs, and gospel to celebrate the southern Black Experience in America.

Although he created 79 ballets over his lifetime, Alvin Ailey maintained that his company was not exclusively a repository for his own work. Today, the company continues Ailey’s mission by presenting important works of the past and commissioning new ones to add to the repertoire. In all, more than 200 works by over 70 choreographers have been performed by the Company.

Alvin Ailey died from AIDS in 1989 at the age of 58.

Around the World in 80 Days

Sacred Circles’ Productions is producing a fantasy bellydance extravaganza in Los Angeles April 24th, 2010, titled Around the World in 80 Days!

Frederique * Unmata * Lee Ali * Marjhani * Tabu * Se7en * Sooz * She’enedra * Politti Ashcraft * Tsingani * Karma * Edenia * Lumina * Yasemin * Devilla * Mandala Tribal * Tonantzin * Medianoche * Tandava * Wild Routes * TWNN * and Jeremy Hahn

The show will fundraise for Midnight Mission-family housing unit. An LA charity that primarily helps women and children in need of a home-without proselytizing.

Beautiful photos over on their site.

Weightless by Erika Janunger

I love the fusion of dance art and tech.

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BD Dictionary

Here’s a recent addition to the dance blogosphere: a resource dance movement database of bellydance vernacular. The site was just launched by Nayana and the SOUL studio {Strength of Unspoken Language} that I believe is located in Wisconsin somewhere though the very austere site is vague.

It is up and running, and you are invited to participate in its development:

“It is my goal, over time, this dictionary will include information on ALL formats. To help this resource grow/improve, contact me with the following:

  • * alternate movement name (to add to existing move and master list)
  • * new movement name and description (include name/website so I can credit you)
  • * description revisions (for existing moves)
  • * broken links

  • Thank you for your interest and continued support of this project to even further unite bellydancers and this amazing art form.

    Wiggles and giggles,


    NO blues live with Tracy Bonham, Sophie Cavez & Rene van Bar

    While poking around last night I discovered an unlikely [to me] fusion of sound that I thoroughly enjoyed! NO blues music is a unique combination of American folk & blues with traditional Arabic music. 100% Arabicana.

    The CD is Lumen, Very cool!

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