I’ve just discovered PURE – Public Urban Ritual Experiment and that Las Vegas has a chapter.

PURE is an international community of artists who bring change, beauty and awareness, to the world through the power of dance and music that was co-founded by Kaeshi Chaiof Bellyqueen, and Darshan in 2004. Since 2006, Kaeshi has been PUREs driving force, which has grown to 17 chapters around the globe. The organization is sponsored by The Field, an arts organization whose home in SOHO brings me very fond memories of the vitality of the NYC arts community… ::sigh::

I’m also happy to report that Las Vegas has its own chapter of dancers, drummers, artists, and I’ve just subscribed to their mailing list to keep informed on their own events and growth.

PURE fuses movements and music from ancient sacred world traditions that include Middle Eastern, Chinese, Romani gypsy, Israeli folk, Flamenco, Indian dance and drumming into the PURE experience.

I can’t wait to see more examples.

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