Lin Yu looks at Master Blackwood,Lightly。

“Master Blackwood,Kill this person。”
Li Xingxing,See Lin Yu come out,Just so arrogant,Disdainful。
“When is your turn to speak?”
Master Black Wood who heard this,Raise hand,And gave Li Xingxing a slap,Li Xingxing suddenly,To fly directly to one side of the wall。
Bang wait,A mouthful of blood spurted from Li Xingxing’s mouth。
“Yes,Master Blackwood is right。”
Spit out blood,Li Xingxing wiped the corner of his mouth,Respectful。
Because of the skills of Master Blackwood,I have seen it myself。
Li Xingxing dare not rebel。
“Shut up if you know。”
Finished,Look at Lin Yu,Tao:“Kid,You really want to fight my dark organization?”
“You did it to my people,You still ask this,Don’t you think it is funny?”
Lin Yu who heard this,Look at Master Blackwood,Disdain。
“it is good,well,In this case,Then don’t blame me for being rude to you。”