It’s best not to go out now,She has no hometown anyway,You can stay here with Fang Hao forever。

At the rural price level,Fang Hao now has millions of deposits,It’s not that difficult to live a lifetime。
Besides, Fang Hao’s official account can still make money。
The outside world is too cruel,She didn’t know Fang Hao would continue to develop,How much ravaged by the vixen。
The old vixen was just for money,Use your beauty to get money,That’s why men get worse when they have money。
But now the vixen has evolved,They themselves have enough wealth,In addition to their own beauty,They still have huge wealth to tempt men to go bad。
Beautiful boys are too dangerous in this society。
She is not sure if she can hold onto this beautiful boy。
Hiding in this countryside is not that big of a threat。
She thinks she should be considered beautiful in this village,Not so much temptation,Fang Hao should also live with him at ease。
unfortunately,She can see,Fang Hao still wants to make more money,Or he wants to better develop his career。
and so,This dream can only be a dream。
“probably,Not until the day he can’t win,He doesn’t think about going home and living a life in peace, right?……”
Ye Wenwen thought so。
Put things in the room,Three people went downstairs again,Sitting in the hall downstairs。
Fang Hao went to the ponkan tree outside and picked a dozen ponkans and put them in the fruit plate,To Ye Wenwen:“this is delicious,Not the kind of ripening,Much better than what we bought in Pengcheng,You can taste more。”
And asked his mother casually:“How much did ponkans sell this year?”
“Someone will collect in October,A pound of triangle money,Pick it yourself,Sold two thousand catties。”Fang Mu replied。
Those who go to the countryside to collect usually place a deposit first,How much each,Pick the big one。