Xia Jihan said again:“It’s called Iron Egg,Still change?”

“to not fix,How can the name given by his father be changed?。”
At this moment, Liu Mei’s mother said:“The hukou his dad gave him is Zhao Tiedan。”
“Iron pill,Why are you talking about iron eggs??”Xia Jihan complained to Liu Mei and said。
Liu Mei smiled,Said:“Ha ha,I actually like iron eggs。Later, Zhao said I didn’t hear clearly,Actually, I know he deliberately teased me,Iron egg,As strong as you said,Easy to raise。”
Happiness overflows Liu Mei’s face,Xia Jihan looked very envious,This may be all a woman pursues。She suddenly remembered something,Said to Liu Mei:“I’m leaving,Not going to work tomorrow,I will come again。”
Liu Mei said:“Mayor Guan hasn’t come back yet??I have watched the press conference held by the provincial government in Jin’an,The responsible persons have been dealt with,The fishermen were also compensated accordingly,Water quality monitoring has also improved,Maybe he can catch his breath。”
Yes,She must watch the Jinan News these two days,I saw him look much better at noon today,He said that while taking Chinese medicine,Liu Tao’s grandma gave him moxibustion。As things get under control,He should go home。
Thinking so in my heart,I thought of Liu Mei saying she was pregnant,I really can’t care about this,She was thinking about buying test papers,I said goodbye to Liu Mei,Out。
Liu Mei came out just now,She received a call from Guan Hao:“Lili,I’ll be home in a while。”
“what?Gosh,You are finally back?What to eat?”She was surprised。
“Don’t want to eat anything,Make some porridge。”His voice is full of exhaustion。