in fact,Ye Xuan knew,They will definitely get nothing。

And now,In fact, Ye Xuan has already acquired an existence closely related to this place。
So when Ye Xuan looked at all this,Actually for these,Ye Xuan itself,On the contrary, there is nothing to worry about。
“All right,Actually now,You come with me。”
Ye Xuan waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。
Those people around saw Ye Xuan like this,Nodded one after another,Followed Ye Xuan。
Although I don’t know where Ye Xuan went,But these,In fact, it doesn’t affect Ye Xuan’s tall image in their hearts at all.。
Chapter 53 Found
“Damn guy,If there is a chance,I will never let you go!”
When Xia Chao looked far away first,He thought secretly。
If it wasn’t because of Ye Xuan,How could Xia Chaoxian become like this??
But now,Actually continue to entangle these,In itself,It’s completely useless。
But seeing here,In fact, Xia Chaoxian’s heart is even more murderous。
“do not know either,How are they doing。”
“I can’t wait,Give Ye Xuan a knife!”
As Xia Chao first gritted his teeth and said here,The more so,In fact, Xia Chaoxian’s deep heart,Even more eager to try。